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Oscar Muñoz:
“Protographs” in progress

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The magazine’s camera has gone behind the scenes of Oscar Muñoz’ exhibition “Protographs” at the Jeu de Paume. It attempts to show how the artist and his assistant, Juliana Guevara, produce unstable images, using unconventional materials and supports such as water, charcoal dust, grease on metal, the spectator’s breath, and shower curtains. Since the early 80s, Muñoz has been developing special techniques to produce images that reveal themselves as a kind of counterpoint to photography and the “decisive moment” it once claimed to capture.

Narcissi (1995), Breath (1995), Simulacra (1999), The Collector (2014): all these works question the fragile status of images and the way they live – and die – in our memory.


Exposition « Oscar Muñoz. Protographies »
« Oscar Muñoz », le choix de la librairie
Galerie mor.charpentier : Oscar Muñoz