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Valérie Jouve.
Bodies, Resisting

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Meet artist Valérie Jouve explaining her work and her exhibition at Jeu de Paume « Bodies, resisting”. Valérie Jouve’s photographic and film work is rooted in the alchemy between bodies and space, humanity and the urban landscape. Titled « Bodies, Resisting », this exhibition offers a substantial selection of works from the late 1980s up to the present day. Her photographs and films draw as much on contemporary art and creative documentary as on anthropology and sociology. In their combined portrayal of people in motion and buildings, they explore physical presence in cities and ways of living in space. The classic subjects of landscape and portrait are brought together in a way that draws splendidly choreographed scenes out of the intensity of urban situations.

How does one claims its own space? Its territory? How does one assertively occupy its environment? How does one inhabit a place?

Exhibition “Valérie Jouve. Bodies, Resisting”
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